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“Sonta enti kala” is deeply embedded in the Indian culture, more so in Telugu speaking people. The desire to own a house stems from sound analytical reason in addition to the emotional bondage one would have with it. Own house provides safety, security and adds to the social status of the owner. It eliminates the expenses that one would incur in a rented accommodation and acts as investment that could provide returns in the future. Just like you, the founder of this company had a dream too. A dream in which aspiring home buyers could find their dream homes and buy them at affordable prices without complications and with complete transparency.

From this dream, took birth Sky Homes. Driven by an absolute compassion to provide the best services to his customers, Mr. A Udhay Reddy has worked hard to build and nurture the company. With Skanda Nivas as the maiden project, he is not leaving any stone unturned to do his part in your journey to buy a new home. Having done Masters in Business Administration from a reputed institute in UK, he has flown back to India with a zeal to setup his own enterprise. He has ventured into and mastered work in different industries ranging from Hospitality, Food and Farming. His latest stint in Sky Homes comes with solid research and goals and has a potential to redefine the real estate domain in the coming years. His long term vision for the company is to become one of the top builders in Hyderabad.

            When you buy a house, you don’t spend money, you invest it!

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